To Serve And Protect

Yes, I am a true advocate for wildlife. I believe wildlife is one of the most precious things that God has given us on this earth. Every creature has a purpose on this planet, not only humans, but animals as well. Animals are every bit as beneficial to us as we are to them; they keep our planet balanced.

There are a variety of wildlife organizations out there such as the World Wildlife fund and the National Wildlife Federation and they all share one major desire; to protect all creatures on the verge of extinction as well as educate the world on the importance of all creatures great and small.

Knowledge is power right?

If we have knowledge, then we have the power to change the unchangeable. To plan a course of action and not deter until we have accomplished what the world has told us cannot be done. To serve a glorious mission in life by changing and educating our world. To donate our time as well as our money to these federations for fighting a cause that some see as futile.

These wildlife charities can only do so much. This means that we as human beings need to stand up and be crusaders for them. Be a voice for the animals that cannot speak for themselves.  Help them achieve a mission that some have labeled impossible. Let’s step outside of our own little selfish existence and put ourselves in the place of these animals.

To have species die out because not enough people care enough to support the people who are trying to make a difference is very sad.

Imagine your life without wildlife in it; now imagine your children’s lives without wildlife. What a sad childhood that would be. We as parents owe it to our children to educate them about wildlife and how to protect it. We all have a responsibility and duty to help them with their mission. That duty my friend is to serve and protect.


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